DIY "Galentine's" Day Mugs

February 10, 2017

If you know me, you know that I pretty much live for the holidays - and yes, that includes "silly" ones like Valentine's Day. I'm not in a romantic relationship, but that's never stopped me from participating in the festivities, eating more chocolate and candy in a sitting than is ever appropriate, throwing back a bottle of two buck chuck, or giving a little something sweet to the people who hold a piece of my heart ... which is why, when my best friend Jess asked me if I wanted to decorate mugs for Valentine's Day to give as gifts, I immediately and enthusiastically obliged.

Over the last few months, I've grown increasingly appreciative of the strong women in my life. The love I have for the men in my life is just as strong (love you to pieces, dad!) but the reality is that my mom, sister and best girl friends are the ones who share my struggles and ambitions, and make me proud to be a woman (also, what would my dad do with a red and pink heart-adorned mug?) That being said, I decided to take these DIY mugs a step further and create small individual gifts for the leading ladies in my life. This was not only easy to throw together, but cost-effective, too (I purchased everything but the mugs at TJ Maxx, and you can buy most of the gift items in sets of 3-5, and just distribute them evenly). It was a fun way to throw some love into the air and work on my crafting skills with my bestie (shout out to Pinterest for the cute mug design ideas!)

Mugs: Threshold by Target, $1.99 - $5.99
Face masks, set of 5: $4.99
Lip balms, set of 5: $3.99
Nail polish: $3.99 each
Body wash: $1.99 each

I also plan to sprinkle in some Sweethearts for a nice #TBT to elementary school Valentine's Day parties :)