Last-minute Halloween costumes

October 31, 2016

"You severely underestimate my apathy"

It's October 31st, and you're suddenly freaking out that you don't have a Halloween costume. There are probably two reasons why: 1. You originally dismissed the idea of dressing up entirely, but now, the cute pictures from the weekend have flooded your social media feeds and you want to dress up 
in a final attempt to avoid full-on FOMO. 2. You kept postponing your shopping trip, reassuring yourself that the stores would still have costumes and accessories available the day of and - surprise - they don't.

We've all been there, and although these situations start off stressful and disappointing, they often trigger something creative in our brains that helps us come up with fun and free costume ideas. Last year, I found myself in situation #2, and just when I started to give up hope, I sifted through my closet and ended up putting together one of my favorite Halloween costumes to date (Wednesday Addams, below). My sister and best friend (both pictured below) also found themselves in similar situations last year, and even so, they were able to throw together some cute and bad-ass outfits. That being said, don't cancel your plans for tonight, because I guarantee you'll be able to pull off one of our previous last-minute costume looks based on items either you or your friends already own:

Wednesday Addams

"You severely underestimate my apathy"
What you need:
Black long sleeve button-down + white long sleeve button-down (I wore two of my "work shirts")
Other option: Black dress with white Peter Pan collar
Black skirt
Black tights
Black heels 

Add some extra light powder or white eye shadow to your face, make subtle dark circles with eye shadow around your eyes and wear the darkest lip shade you can find (I got as close to black as I could without actually wearing black lipstick).

Two braids

"I Hate Mornings"/Sleepwalker
My best friend, Jess, threw this together just hours before a party. 
(P.S. Check out our film and music blog,

What you need:
Pajama shirt
Eye mask 
Coffee mug (optional)
Long socks (optional)

Minimal face makeup and smudged eyeliner 

Down or up (either way, the messier, the better)

Modern Day Vampire (or, as my sister calls it, the Katerina Petrova)

What you need:
Top in a dark shade that isn't black 
Black shorts
Black fishnet stockings
Black combat boots
Black leather jacket 
Darker around the eyes and add some "veins" under your eyes with a grey or black eye pencil. Choose a dark, deep red for a lip color and add some fake blood around your mouth.


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